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Animation Portfolio

Animation Portfolio

ATSC 3.0 Explainer

Our team scripted, storyboarded, and animated a concise story with visual appeal to help explain the vastly complex new broadcast technology, ATSC 3.0. The organization used the video to gain buy-in from key players in the industry, even gaining FCC Authorization.

Panasonic Software Explainer

This animation was created by our team to simplify Panasonic’s ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment software - helping explain a complex system through clean and simple visuals.

DISH/Sling Motion Graphics

Less than 3 weeks out from CES, our client asked us to create an introduction video for their press conference to highlight new announcements. We made it happen, with time to spare.


Downtown Indy Logo Animation

Every logo deserves a little motion - and that’s where we come in, helping create a smooth and polished animation for your brand.