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More than a decade ago, Dave Arland founded Arland Communications to connect people, companies and organizations with clear and focused communications.  

 Through engaging video production, informative public relations, and top-notch association management, Arland Communications helps our clients increase sales, improve exposure, and manage complex projects.

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Strategic Communications

You have a great new product or service, but it can be overwhelming to determine how best to rise above the noise.  We work with you to strategically plan and make the most of every dollar.  We listen to your needs and then create a communications plan to position you and your product for the best opportunities.

We distill your message to create a news opportunity that will get attention.

With the evolving world of marketing communications now spanning professional editors, publications, and websites to consumer-generated content, each media outlet has a continuous need for great material.  

We have longstanding public relations relationships built over 30 years. We can help you generate influential product reviews, generate media coverage of major announcements, and create content for your own websites spurred by announcements and events.


CES Product Launches

CES is the premiere launchpad for new technology and products, and we have nearly 30 years of experience introducing innovations to CES journalists in Las Vegas. 

We work with established brands with sterling reputations, companies looking to rejuvenate with a new product or service, and startups looking to break through.

Our approach includes everything you’ll need for a successful communications effort: planning, honing your message, writing, media pitching, maximizing participation at events, and delivering informative video to get a product or service in the national spotlight.


Media and Analyst Relations

With the media landscape growing and access to so many news resources, effective relationships with the media are now more important than ever to help reach millions of people. Our roots are in editorial media.  And with more than three decades of experience in this arena, we understand the deadline and information demands of online, broadcast, and print media and we will craft your message to effectively reach and connect with the right people at the right time.

Industry analysts are also an effective (and often overlooked) amplifier for your key messages.  With our relationships, we’ll ensure you reach those who can comment about the significance of your new product, service, or strategy.


Event Management

Every product or service has a target audience.  We get you in front of that audience and get you noticed.  Our event and trade show experience extends from online media briefings to major exhibits.  

We’ve supervised large and small trade show displays, coordinated tabletop media events and briefings, staged standing-room-only press conferences, and developed pop-up events to help our clients reach a target audience.  We make it easy for your event to be successful, by handling every detail.