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Motorola Portable Power Generator

Motorola Portable Power Generator

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Project Overview

Our creative and communications team provided video content for the Motorola MT060 Portable Power Generator product launch in June of 2019. We delivered a promotional 60 second cut for multiple web and mobile platforms.

After developing the initial concept to highlight the product’s main uses and scenarios, we also provided location scouting, talent sourcing, and production design to streamline the production process.

This project was shot over a day and a half at four locations to capture five scenes highlighting product use cases.

The Concept

The commercial was based on this rough storyboard.


The Production

Photo May 13, 5 04 54 PM.jpg
Photo May 13, 5 04 02 PM.jpg
Photo May 13, 8 29 57 AM.jpg
Photo May 13, 9 21 54 AM.jpg
Photo May 13, 4 57 12 PM.jpg
Photo May 13, 15 05 37.jpg

The Final Product


Our Content In Use

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