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Video Packages

Video Packages

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The Feature

You have a story and we bring it to life. The ‘Feature’ Package focuses on creating a video that inspires and moves your audience.


The Case Study

The 'Case Study' package is your sales team's best friend. We create a video that highlights your product or service and will pay for itself time and time again.


The Scripted Production

We turn your script into broadcast commercials, 15 second shorts, instagram stories, or any other video platform.


The Influencer

You hire the best influencer and we make them look their best on camera to tell your story.


The Trade Show

You invested a lot into your booth and we help extend the reach to a broader audience who is not at the show with same-day, on-site video production.


The Executive

Your executives have key messaging that they need to share.  We make sure they look their best doing it by combining motion graphics and other visuals to keep your audience engaged to understand the pertinent information


The Live

Going LIVE is now more important than ever and and we make sure you stream flawlessly with multiple cameras, graphics, and interactive features.

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The Brand

Corporate video doesn’t have to be boring. We work with you team to find new and creative ways to highlight your brand.

The Animation

Some ideas can be hard to record on camera, so we script, storyboard, and animate your story in a fun and engaging way.

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